Frequently asked questions about Buying a business


Global Petro Advisors is here to simplify your business acquisition journey. Buying a business can be complex, but our FAQs aim to guide you through the process, whether you’re new or experienced in investing.


How Do You Value a Business?

    • We consider various factors—financial history, assets, location, market, and more—along with recent comparable transactions to determine a fair selling price.

Should I Consider an SBA-Backed Loan for Financing?

    • Absolutely! SBA loans offer attractive terms, reasonable down payments, and fixed interest rates, providing financial flexibility for buyers.

Can You Recommend Legal and Financial Counsel?

    • Yes, we can connect you with the necessary legal and financial representation through our extensive network

Understanding Profit, Cash Flow, and Discretionary Earnings

    • Profit is what remains after expenses, while cash flow measures money flowing in and out of the business. Discretionary earnings encompass owner benefits and specific expenses not applicable to a new owner.

What Is Goodwill?

    • Goodwill represents the intangible value of a business beyond physical assets, including brand value, recurring revenue, and other intangible assets.

When Can I Access Financials and Tax Returns?

    • For confidentiality reasons, a summary is provided to qualified buyers initially. Detailed financial statements are shared during the due diligence phase after an offer is accepted.

Why Buy a Business Instead of just Starting One?

    • Purchasing an established business reduces the risks associated with starting from scratch. You gain a proven business model, existing customers, experienced staff, and immediate positive cash flow.

    • Global Petro Advisors is here to make the process clearer and more accessible for your successful business acquisition.