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To all our clients, customers and friends, we hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy and are finding positive and productive ways to cope with the COVID-19 situation, as well as the accompanying economic crisis facing us.

At GPA( Global Petro Advisors)  are working hard on several new and existing acquisitions, and the fact is that convenience stores and gas stations are thriving and are deemed essential industries makes this business even more important right now.

What we know is that buyers are still looking for buying opportunities  and closing on companies and stores, and many of them are cash buyers not dependent on financing.

We are ready willing and able to discuss any buy-side or sell-side questions you might have at this time. Give us a call! We’d like to hear from you.

If not, send us an email, letting us know you are alive and well and ready to tackle the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead of us over the next months. We’d be interested in your perspectives, and seeing how we could be of service.